Come Stay With Us

“We have a mission to create a sanctuary for the tired creative souls, where your spirit shall be resurrected and re-energized upon resting & living with us.”

— Elaine Wong, co-founder

The Writer's Room is your private coliving room that fits two person.

The Writer’s Room

You have a private room with a comfortable queen-sized futon bed (re-purposed wood pallet bed frame which we built ourselves), equipped with its own air-conditioning unit, a ceiling fan, small writing desk, a chair, and a small storage shelf. The room is bright, cheerful, serene & quiet, perfect for writers. Room can fit two person / couple.

Perfect for writers, bloggers, freelancers, digital nomads, creativepreneurs & someone who loves living with an indoor cat! Experience living like a local with vibrant curated community.

As low as MYR359 per week, MYR1539 per month, if you’re staying for 3 months.

The Minimalist Room

Private room with a very solid wooden single bed which we built ourselves, Aircon, a ceiling fan and a set of hand-built wooden workspace (desk & stool). You will be sharing the bathroom with other co-living residents here, as well as shared pantry for simple cooking, shared washing machine, and you are free to use the shared coworking space downstairs with the others.

Perfect for the minimalist and light traveler. If you are a creativepreneur & someone who loves living with an indoor cat, this room is for you! Getaway into our local culture & still be able to work on own project.

As low as MYR278 per week, MYR1189 per month, if you’re staying for 3 months.

The Artist’s Studio

This room used to be artist Elaine's private studio, but now it's converted to coliving room. It is located at upstairs of our 2-stories small home. The room is large, bright and a great space to create whole year through in warm Malaysia.

This couple friendly room comes with an attached private bathroom, Aircon, a ceiling fan, a queen sized bed with firm 10" mattress, a sofa bed, desk and chair, bluetooth speakers, a yoga mat, and all the facilities of a coliving space in the same creative house.

  • As a coliving guest in our place, whom we warmly called 'The Hatcherians', you will get to enjoy the following:

    • Coworking Spaces (Hotdesk) - kindly keep your laptop away when you're not using your spot

    • Wi-fi Access (up to 100Mbps unlimited)

    • The pantry for complimentary coffee/tea making facilities (snacks are also available for sale)

    • Shared bathroom with water heater shower for the cold days

    • The basic kitchen with basic cooking utensils, storage and a fridge

    • Washing machine & detergents for your laundry needs

    • Craft room usage with basic tools for woodcrafts, handmake hobbies & art

    • Chillout & tiny reading corner upstairs & downstairs

    • For the essentials, we provide towels, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, toilet papers, shampoos, hair dryer, first aid kid

    • A weekly cleaning lady who comes to clean the house (including your room, but it's optional for you)

    • Occasional meetups/workshops and socializing events

    • A cuddly & super friendly, attention-seeking cat as a companion!

    • Free parking inside our porch area if you drive!

  • Your room is at upper floor of the house, while the shared coworking + cocreating space is lower floor.

    Our official operating hour for space Day Pass is Tue-Sat 11AM-7PM, where we share our space with others. Usually, there’s not much people except 1-2 regulars, hence it can be pretty quiet most of the time. Your hosts Kevin & Elaine come in frequently to work, mingle, play with the cat, do gardening, and chill. (we live across the main road, just 15 mins walk away).

    When there’s no one around to co-work with you, be sure that Ginger the cat will loyally accompany you throughout the day.

  • We occasionally host social and learning events like Meetups and Workshops on weekends, selected weekdays and public holidays for our local community friends and like-minded individuals. These events will be held in our shared co-working space downstairs, which means it won't be available for work during those times, and it might get a little noisy. However, you can still enjoy peace and quiet in your room.

    We post our public events here:

    Our WhatsApp Broadcast Group

    IG: @eventsbythehatcheryplace

    We occasionally organize outings, meals, and activities such as sports, sightseeing, and hotpot nights with our community. These are optional and dependent on everyone's availability. While there's always someone to chat with, we respect your need for privacy and provide a space where you can be undisturbed.

    We would love for you to participate in the events and workshops we organize. To keep you in the loop, we will share our events calendar with you so that you can plan accordingly. Additionally, as a coliving guest, you are entitled to a discounted price for our workshops.

    Kevin also runs woodworking workshops for adults at his own workshop venues. If you're interested to learn from him, check out his website for schedules to signup:

    Elaine runs intuitive painting workshops here at THP. Check out her sessions at

    As part of our coliving community, you can also run your creative workshops here during your stay.

  • Your hosts Kevin & Elaine are both in our 40’s, yet the people who walk through the door age ranges from 22 to 70’s, sometimes kids and even retirees. We believe no matter the age, nationality, culture, or beliefs, we can all learn to live, work, play and grow together. We value truthful, respectful and heart-centered connections, hence our little home always welcome conscious creative souls who are interested in stretching the boundaries of themselves to include trusting strangers.

    Kevin is into woodworking, UX/UI designing, drumming, cycling, coffee, dogs, vegan lifestyle and entrepreneurship. Elaine loves art & intuitive painting, spirituality, human connections, personal growth, vegetarian food, swimming & cats. We both love daily long walks and meditations to ground ourselves after a hectic day.

    We both aim to create & cultivate a parallel society in this world where human minds are not driven by mainstream narrative’s fear-based isolations, instead directed by our own freewill & freedom of choice to connect and commune. You are welcome to join our simple life activities as a family when you colive with us!

  • Coliving is an intentional community living concept for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. It is also defined as a new take on an old way of shared living which promotes a culture of connection and flourishing, a lifestyle in which individuals and the collective share resources and an intention of living sustainably and harmoniously with each other and the planet.

    Coliving is for people who value a community alongside individuality. Residents unite around a common interest of wanting to learn and grow from the people they surround themselves with.

    Coliving offers people the chance to get to know each other on a deeply personal level.

  • Many! To name a few:

    They come to get inspiration. There’s nothing like The Hatchery Place, our uniquely authentic & unpretentious home setup, our love for meaningful conversations, our growth-oriented yet simple lifestyle, and the passion in pursuing our creative endeavors attract others who want to experience similar essence.

    We are very small, very homey, and affordable, unlike other establishments out there who are big players in the market that are basically hostels or hotels, but branded themselves as "coliving". We stay true to our essence since day one. Our simple setup here - a home with a cat with a mini garden, almost liken to a ‘living meditation’ to those who also value minimalistic yet creative lifestyle.

    Newcomers to the city who need a soft landing spot to get to know the neighborhood, the community of like-minded people, and wishing to familiarise themselves living like the locals. We offer our knowledge around the area and introduce our lifestyle concept to those who are interested to learn more.

    Some have been to many other coliving homes around the world and are already familiar with the concept. Once they lived in a coliving before, they will always choose to live in coliving setups whenever they travel.

    Some wanted to gift themselves a quiet get-away, a retreat from their own familiar living conditions, away from existing circle to start & explore a different way of life.

    Then there are those who are curious to learn about coliving and wanting to give our flavour a try.

    In the past years, we have hosted amazing people from all around the world: Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Estonia, Norway, HongKong, Ukraine, Portugal, S. Africa, Canada, UK, Lebanon, N.Zealand, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Latvia – just to name a few!

    Coliving together with other travelers & local creativepreneurs who cowork & colive here, you get to gift yourself this rare opportunity to gather ideas, refine skills, research, experiment, grow and produce new work, at the same time design a new lifestyle that you want. At The Hatchery Place, you can dream, incubate, hatch, and break free your creative ideas with the support of the community and space.

  • We ask all our coliving guests to help around the house to the upkeep & improvement of the shared facilities whenever possible. Contributions may include basic household up-keeping, help with opening the door for our coworkers, gardening, watering the plants or just simply feeding the cat. If you have specialist skills, maybe we can put them to good use to make Hatchery Place a better home and fun for the community!


What People Are Saying


“I had a really nice stay and would certainly come back. The space is amazing and had great energy. Wifi is lightning fast. Adorable kitten! Super nice people! Grab is super cheap to go into the city. Everything you need in the shopping center a 10 minutes walk away.”

— Jason, USA (Sep 2017)

“Kevin and Elaine were wonderful hosts, the home was extremely stylish and clean and the stay felt extremely personal. Would recommend to anybody, especially creative souls and cat lovers as Ginger was the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. Would definitely be my first choice if staying in Subang Jaya again. Many thanks.”

— Matthew, Australia (Jun 2018)

“I had a great time at the Hatchery Place as the hosts Kevin and Elaine are very warm and welcoming. It’s a perfect habitat for people who work online and want to stay in a calm and cozy surrounding. The house is fully equipped up the last detail. You can see that the hosts thought of literally everything. I could get good work done and we had interesting conversations and fun together. Restaurants, streetfood, parks and grocery shops are in walkable distance. Highly recommended for online workers. I will stay here again for sure. Kevin, Elaine, thank you for everything!”

— Sergej, Germany (Jul 2017)

“Quiet, peaceful and super cosy! The space is very peaceful, homelike and comfy. The hosts are very nice and friendly. It's actually a house so you wouldn't feel trapped as if you're in an office. The deco is very artsy and quirky - lots of pretty items and nice ambiance around you. It is also quite near to shops as well if you feel like taking a walk or a break in between.They also provide coffee and tea, which is great! I'm glad that I could spend a few productive hours here after many months of having writer's block. (And their cat is sho sho adowable!)”

— Ruby Jusoh, Malaysia

“The Hatchery Place is so amazing!! We had a great time there!! You have much space and nice people arround you! The room was very cozy and I love the style in the whole house 🙂 Elaine and Kevin are really cool people and helped us where they can. Downstairs is a Co-working Space which has really good influence on your mind. I was never that concentrated in my life! The shops and restaurants are near by and can be reached in 5 minutes walking, only manko the next train/bus station is not arround the corner but we used the uber taxi to get along. We loved it!”

— Juli & Alex, Germany (Dec 2016)

“Very friendly, talented and wholesome hosts (Ginger the cat included!) who are really interesting people. Truly an experience to stay with them. Remember to read descriptions and make sure you're the right fit in terms of location + amenities provided, but I would highly recommend them in a heartbeat.”

— Chevon, Singapore (Jun 2019)

“This place is clean, internet is fast, looks stylish, good coffee and Elaine and Kevin are great too. I was able to get a lot of work done and slept amazing. Nearby is an area called Taipan where you have a lot of restaurants great for my dinners. Ginger is probably the smartest cat I ever met and also very cute.”

— Pieterbas, Netherlands (Feb 2018)

“Coming to the Hatchery Place feels just like walking into a friend’s home! Now you see why it’s important that spaces like the Hatchery Place exist? They are a Godsend to people like me, who usually are mobile/don’t have a place to work. Spaces help inspire, cultivate and motivate productivity, and I think that the Hatchery does a fantastic job in maintaining this.”

— Noah K., Malaysia

“Modern, functional workspace. Well planned out. Rooms clean and comfortable. Wonderfully friendly and helpful hosts. Quiet neighbourhood. Mostly ate out as cheap and large choice. Once you master Grab it’s like a chauffeur at your door – cheap and convenient! Rail to town every five minutes. Take a jumper as it can be freezing on the train. Used four hop on, hop off buses in the city and commentary was intermittent on all. Use the ride to access the different gardens in KL – well worth the money.”

— Pat, Australia (Sep 2018)

“Kevin and Elaine have a steal at The Hatchery Place. It’s in a quiet suburban area that is perfect for people who want to focus on work, but still be around the attractions. It’s near a great food center with tons of food options and Kevin and Elaine were fast to recommend be the best spots to eat. Sunway Pyramid is super close to the place as well and that mall has everything you could think of wanting. You can also sightsee with some nearby attractions by Sunway Pyramid just minutes away by Uber. I definitely recommend staying here because it felt like home during my stay. I felt very comfortable and relaxed and love the way the work area is set up. It’s just an overall comfortable experience. Thanks for they stay Kevin and Elaine!”

— Malachi, USA (Apr 2017)

Elaine, thanks again for your warm welcome and for sharing your authentic self with me. I feel very grateful that life lead me here. You and Kevin are truly inspiring people, as well as all the other guests that I had the chance to meet. Looking forward to see you again!

— Celiane, Canada (May 2019)

“I honestly had a good time staying here. Kevin and Elaine really make me feel welcome. I'm a digital nomad, I love to be somewhere new when I'm on a project. I can say Hatchery Place is a good place for me to have my time alone. Will surely come here again.

p/s: Highly recommend to all digital nomad out there. You guys will love Hatchery Place for sure.”

— Hayad, Malaysia (Jun 2016)

How coliving looks like at The Hatchery Place….

Just move in with your luggage!

We provide a soft landing for new creatives who wants to start a new life with us.

At The Hatchery Place, you can dream, incubate, hatch, and break free your creative ideas with the support of the community and space.