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Give one hour of service to another, and receive one hour of service in return.

What is Time Banking?

A time bank is a reciprocity-based skills sharing in which hours are the currency. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one hour credit in return.

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Gathering with a purpose

For one person to earn a time credit, however, someone else has to agree to give it. Timebanking happens when a network or circle of members have agreed that they will give and receive credits for services that other members provide. Those networks are called “timebanks.”

Around the world, timebanking concept is bringing the transformative powers of kindness, connection and mutual help into people’s lives.

At The Hatchery Place, we kick-started this initiative as a social experiment back in December 2021, when discovering no one else is doing the same locally. We hope to continue providing a platform for our small neighbourhood & community to facilitate & nurture a gift economy culture.



“Thank you for your assisting help in Time Bank March event as part of the host! Rabbani has been super helpful in preparing the space, coffee, cleaning up, taking photos for our event, and also as an active participant! Will definitely recommend Rabbani if anyone needs help in events!”

— Elaine (March 2022)


“Alex is an IT wizard, and also a very patient and focused person. I had been struggling with some bugs in the responsive web design part of my Wordpress template, and Alex took the time to get specifications about the problem, performed an investigation thru an unstable internet connection, and fixed the problem within 45 minutes of our session beginning!

I can't thank Alex enough for helping me with a problem I'd struggled with for 3 weeks, and I think he demonstrates the essence of what being a true professional is about: the focus, patience, and deep knowledge that will stump mere dabblers. Alex, thank you once again. When I have major web design work to be done, I know who to call on first.”

— Robert (April 2022)


“I'm very grateful to Rabbani for offering her time to help me with house decluttering. From an original 3 hours, we worked up to 6 hours! It was a fulfilling time as not only did we manage to donate in bulk to Bargain Basement Puchong, but also filled our day with light chat and sharing. We had a lot in common! I would definitely spend time with her as a friend or get her services again. Her service to be a companion to anyone for tasks is really practical.”

— Ai Jou (April 2022)

Join our next Time Bank Circle meetup!

We organize Time Bank meetup every two months. In each meetup, we create a circle of opportunity allowing everyone to share their skills, service and needs to be reciprocated by other members of the community. Look out for our announcement on social medias or our newsletter for the upcoming ones.

More than just giving & earning hours..

We build friendships + connections through subsequent meetups. Each time we gather, we know each other deeper.

 Upcoming & Past Time Bank Meetups


Next Time Bank Meetup coming soon in Dec 2022!


Next Time Bank Meetup coming soon in Dec 2022! 〰️