Can I visit just to check out your space?

We appreciate your interest in The Hatchery Place! We welcome coworkers and event participants upon registration or booking appointments. If you wish to visit our space but NOT for coworking or participating events, please contact us first so we get to understand your purpose. For privacy reasons, casual visits are screened as we have coliving residents staying in the house. If you are curious about what we do here, do pop by & join us in our next event!



We love what you do here! Can we interview you guys about The Hatchery Place?

We are happy to share our stories and why we build this unique community space. Please contact us to discuss.



How is the parking situation there? Is it convenient to find a parking space?

We are nestled in USJ Subang Jaya residential terrace houses. Since this is a residential area, you can park anywhere nearby as long as it is not blocking neighbour's entrance or obstructing traffic.



Can I just walk-in to work?

We do not accept walk-ins as we are strictly by appointment basis. So, do ask us as early as possible, if we have desk for the day, we will let you know. Book your hotdesk here.

Do you have a prayer room?

We do not have a specific room dedicated for praying, but we do have quiet corners that you could use for meditations or prayers. It is up to you to deem its suitability.

Can I do photo shoot here?

Our creative deskshare (coworking) service is not meant for portrait photography or photo shooting like in the cafes or hotels. However, if you’re talking about doing product shoots for your business, yes sure. Do inform us beforehand, so our coliving residents are aware of your activities.



Can I just walk-in to rent a room?

We do not accept walk-ins. Please book online or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Can I tour the property first?

We have provided very clear and plenty of information and images to describe our community, rooms and common areas. Restricting viewing provide equal opportunities for everyone, whether you are local or from abroad.

We would like to preserve privacy of our coliving community that are currently staying with us. If anything is unclear and should you need further information, kind contact us.

Can I just stay for one night?

Our minimum stay is 1 week. Do understand that our purpose for creating a community home is to connect with each other, hence short stays would not bring any benefits to the community.

Can I stay long term here?

Our maximum stay limit is 6 months, renewal subjected to availability. We do encourage you to try at least a month or two with us before committing to a long term stay.

Can I cook my own meals everyday?

Yes, definitely. We have a small kitchen equipped with pots, pans & rice cooker, that suits everyday light cooking.

Can I furnish / decorate my room the way I like it?

Yes, do feel free to bring along your own personal comfort items to use in your room (eg, pillows/blankets/sheets/small furniture) in addition to the basics that we provide. We understand the need to personalize your bedroom to enhance your living atmosphere so that you’re more comfortable here. Just be sure to return the room to its original setup when checking out. Any major changes, please communicate with us before executing.

I like sports & exercises. What are my options here?

Our favourite park is 5 mins walk away from The Hatchery Place, familiarly called USJ11 Skatepark/Padang by the neighbourhood. There are regular bootcamps, yoga and fitness classes organized by local instructors around here. Some coliving Hatcherians joined soccer, run, exercise and chill here.

If you’re into basketball, badmintons or tennis, we can recommend nearby places. We run & swim weekly as our regular routine, you are welcome to join us. We also hike, cycle and sometimes climb. As for gyms, there are plenty within walking distance.