Creative Shared Desk

By Appointment Only (no walk ins)


MYR 10

Half Day Pass

4 hours


MYR 20

Day Pass

8 hours


MYR 80

1 Week Pass

5 x 8 hrs of daily pass to utilize in 1 week


Anytime between 11 am - 7 pm

Tue - Sat (close on Sun & Mon)


Why us?


Free coffee / tea

Our pantry has self service water machine, coffee makers and tea. Snacks are available with honesty jar.


Free parking

Some paces on the street within the neighbourhood to park your car, as well as 1 parking spot at our porch.

Cat companion

Our cat Ginger is always curious to know what you’re doing. She loves it if you let her observe your work.


Home Environment

We are in a home, not office. You can wear your pajamas to come work here, we won’t blink an eye. Yes, we’re casual like that.

Craftroom usage

Feel free to do your handicraft work in our craftroom. Some basic tools are supplied in the room.


Kitchen for cooking

We’re so homey, you can bring your veggies and rice and cook your lunch here while you work.


Create with us.

Join us for your own self-creative time!

Other coworking places are too crowded with laptops and zombies on zoom calls? Connecting with others in a coworking space seems like just an idea on papers but in reality, everybody is just busy staying plugged-in, you feel lonelier even in a space full of people?

We advocate less electronic but more human time in our space here. Whether you’re looking for a quiet few hours to read a book on the bean bag, sip a cup of coffee while doodling on your journal, or just want to be with Ginger the cat, come join us for a day or two. We might end up brainstorming about that creative project that you’ve always wanted to start!

How others spend their day here

Reading . Mingling . Crafting . Journaling . Coworking . Learning . Chilling . Meditating . Painting . Drawing . Knitting . Woodworking . Coding . Cat Therapy