Coliving. Colearning. Cocreating.

We are a conscious creative gathering home located in the quiet residential hood of Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

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“We built this space here to intentionally balance work, play, create, rest and connect.”

— Elaine Wong, co-founder


Live with us

Looking for a change? Maybe you’ve stayed far too long in your boxed environment, and you need a fresh perspective. Maybe you just quit corporate & want to launch your own creative thing. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Maybe it’s not constant interaction that you crave; it is the comforting feeling in knowing that like-minded people are there when needed.

Our house is small, we have only 3 rooms. We welcome you to our coliving home if you love cats, deep conversations, launching & sharing ideas. We have everything you’ll need to start living, just bring your suitcase.


Create with us

Creative Day Pass for your own self-creative time.

Other coworking places are too crowded with laptops and zombies on zoom calls? Connecting with others in a coworking space seems like just an idea on papers but in reality, everybody is just busy staying plugged-in, you feel lonelier even in a space full of people?

We advocate less electronic but more human time in our space here. Whether you’re looking for a quiet few hours to read a book on the bean bag, sip a cup of coffee while doodling on your journal, or just want to be with Ginger the cat, come join us for a day or two. We might end up brainstorming about that creative project that you’ve always wanted to start!


Find your people

When conscious creatives come together in a supported space, great visions have a platform to be birthed, nurtured & brought forth.

We have all experienced what life is like when community & physical connections are stripped away and how that affects our mental wellbeing. Having experienced the world from an isolated perspective has deepen the importance of our relationships and feeling of being part of a community. Let’s co-create our parallel like-minded community with shared interest that foster connection and this gives the possibility to create new realities.

Learn, share & play with us. If we come together, we can change the world!


Hear from those who have experienced us

Travelers, writers, bloggers, vloggers, nomads, crafters, creators, makers, musicians, artists, artisans, actors, designers, poets, neighbours, philosophers, meditators, educators, social entrepreneurs, yogis, vegans, tree-huggers, lightworkers, truthseekers, freedom-lovers …

..and anyone else interested in stretching the boundaries of themselves to include trusting strangers are welcome here. We believe that we should support one another in our quest to change the world!

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