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Advance Ukulele Workshop

Special advance ukulele workshop sharing by Thiam teacher
Wanted to upgrade more ukulele skill / some skill unknown that you learn in YOUTUBE?

Come and join this workshop to solve the unknown skill that you self learning with nice environment and the little boss is inside there > GINGER ^^

Date: 8 June 2019, Sat
Time: 2pm -4pm
Location: The Hatchery Place

What You Will Learn
• 扫弦 Strumming, 勾弦 Plucking, 打板 Slap
• Fingerstyle 指弹,演奏歌曲主旋律同时加入伴奏和弦
• CAPO 变调夹的用处
• Low G 的用处(第 4 条弦)

• Strumming,Plucking Skill & Slap
• Finger style of playing the main theme of the song with combination of chords
• The use of CAPO
• Low G

Who Can Join?
• Know how to read Ukulele TAB
• Know to play chords C, G, F, Am, Em, Bb, Dm and Gm
• Adult

What You Will Get?
• 1st time join this workshop will get Thiamguitar Booklet worth RM25 and unique special handmade pick

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