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Art + Sound Women's Circle

This year end on 29th Dec, Elaine (artist & host) and Miki (vocal & sound healer) decide to join forces to create an art & sound women's circle at The Hatchery Place.

We invite you to come join us to celebrate the year's ending and ushering the new beginning in the spirit of sisterhood love & joy together as one. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, we will be exploring rhythms & sound toning with Miki and tools for art appreciation & creative expressions with Elaine. We will guide you to unleash your inner creativity if you've always thought that you're not a creative person.

Let us allow a sacred time and space where we may find deeper connections within ourselves and fully experience the healing that happens when like-minded women come together to support each other. As women, we are creators. Let's re-connect with our feminine power of creation with art and sound!

No music or art experience needed & all tools will be provided, with lots of loving gifts from us (plants, art cards, & flower tea) to nurture our femininity.

Wear your favourite dress to celebrate our femininity!

Date: 29 Dec, 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Venue: The Hatchery Place
Fee: RM150 per person (RM270 for two, so bring along your girl friends!)

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About Women Circles

For centuries, women have been coming together to celebrate the highs of life, commemorate the low ones, and generally strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through conversation and shared experiences.

But as society become more fragmented, and the demands of life have become more hectic, it’s increasingly harder for women to converge together in a space, grow and learn together. In a society that is more and more disconnected from what truly matters, we need to open a conversation about things that are true to our intuition, nurturing nature, reflective thoughts, compassionate, and kind expressions.

There are many kinds of circles depending on the needs of the members—they can be support circles, healing and wellness circles, spirituality circles, or action circles.

About our Miki Wong (Sound & Vocal Healer)

Miki is an intuitive inner rhythms practitioner, working with hand drums, percussions, vocal and movements to create a meditative experience for healing & therapeutic purposes. In her daily meditation practice, she loves using sound as a mean of manifestation to create joy, love, happiness, peace and creativity in life. Miki also offers mindful facilitations for the community (adults & kids, as well as kids with special needs), workshops, retreats and private gatherings to promote healing & empowerment through rhythms, voice & movements.

About Elaine Wong (Artist & Host of The Hatchery Place)

Elaine Wong is a self-taught intuitive artist and painter. Elaine started her painting journey in 2009; she was deeply intrigued by a 30-Day-Artist movement led by a fellow artist and took a month off from work to begin painting relentlessly. She produced more than 40 artworks during that time, which later became part of her debut solo art show called 'In Between Midnights' in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, Elaine has participated in a number of art shows and exhibitions, both locally and internationally. Elaine’s paintings can be described as doodly with whimsical elements and sometimes portraying the silhouette of the black cat which symbolizes the shadow side of her psyche. Through her paintings, Elaine strives to confront her personal shadows, bringing light to the dark. She believes that one way to achieve well-being, healing and personal freedom is to be aware of our shadow archetypes. Elaine currently lives and works in Subang Jaya, where she runs a conscious creative coworking & coliving space called The Hatchery Place, at which her art studio is also located

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