What would you like to do?



Come in to work alone, or work with others. Spend time on your craft, or mingle with the people. Play with the cat, or hold a discussion. Read a book and chill at our cozy nook. Use our space for your creative projects.



Move in to immerse yourself immediately with the concept of intentional living. Design the lifestyle you aspire to live - creative conscious choices, simplicity, living light, sharing resources, communing with the cat and plants, and endless possibilities of serendipitous moments.


Find your people! We organize fun community activities, workshops and unique events to anyone interested to learn, mingle and participate. When conscious creatives come together in a supported space, great visions have a platform to be birthed, nurtured & brought forth.

Run Your Events Here

We love it if you run your workshops, talk, circles or any conscious creative activities here to enrich our small community. We have a small, homey, cozy and intimate setup with a cute cat as companion. If you think your event is suitable here, let’s plan!

Be our Partner

We are always looking for funders, and meaningful, conscious creative initiatives to partner with, to enrich our tiny community. It would be even awesome if you like our mission and would like to be our sponsor. We are dreaming to expand The Hatchery Place too. Talk to us to see what crazy vision and creative projects we can achieve together!

Get Involved

If you have time and energy to spare, we welcome anyone who can volunteer their time helping us out at the garden, or work on our initiatives & creative projects. We also welcome donations in terms of plants, usable (new or preloved) furniture for the space, or even monetary funding. If you believe in our vision, visit us & have a chat!


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