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Jamming Get-Together with Ukulele

Jamming Get Together with Ukulele

Ukulele friends from teacher Thiam’s previous class gathered to have an evening jam session of make-merry, music, songs, laughter and potluck! Thiam teacher shared tips about jamming music together using multiple instruments that come together to create a jam session.

Highly recommend to those who joins the basic ukulele workshop & would like to stay on to have fun playing and exploring further.

Lesson Plan:
1 Tips about Jamming
2 Times signature 2/4, 3⁄4, 4/4, 6/8
3 How to use CAPO
4 What is key: C Key, D Key, G Key, F Key

You will contribute to the jamming by choosing to play your own instrument (whether it's guitar, ukulele, cajon, singing or anything else you'd like to add to the jam).

*We provided simple sound system and 1 mic

Suitable for:

• Everyone who know play music instrument
• Everyone who love pop song (English and Chinese song)
• Love to sing
• Adults
• Children 12+
• Ukulele/ Guitar can play chords: C, G, Am, Em, D, Bm, Bb, F, Dm

Facilitator profile:

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