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The Transformation Game®

  • The Hatchery Place 49 Jalan USJ 11/3d Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47620 Malaysia (map)

The Transformation Game® provides a playful way of understanding and gracefully transforming key issues in your life.

Through playing the The Transformation Game, you become more aware of your personal strengths and the limitations you place on yourself. The Game mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback and precise insights.

Most of all, it is a fun and light-hearted way of looking clearly into the key blocks or issues in our life. The Game takes time, focus and a true desire to work towards your own transformation. It comes alive through sharing and interaction among the players!

Why would I play it?

People often come to the The Transformation Game because they're at a crossroads in their life, a moment of pivotal change, or because they feel stuck and want to find a way forward. The Transformation Game offers a way to see your dilemma from a different perspective with time for calm reflection, sharing and guidance. The Game offers a stimulating, safe, supportive group setting in which openness, co-operation and sharing are encouraged. It mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback and precise insights which can help you. With just one or two other players, you receive plenty of expert personal focus.

What issues can it help with?

Virtually any issue can be brought to the Game for clarification. The key is to express your issue as a intention, such as: I intend to release my blocks to attracting a life partner.

Through playing The Transformation Game, you will get to:

  • clarify important personal issues

  • understand patterns of stress and change non-productive habits

  • uncover, explore and allow new possibilities in your life;

  • resolve interpersonal conflict

  • gain greater emotional understanding of yourself and others;

  • handle transitions such as health, career, marriage or relationship changes

  • incorporate increased relaxation and peace of mind in everyday life

  • remove blocks to spontaneity, success and fulfilment


Solo Coaching (2.5hrs) - RM700 per person

Group Game (5 hrs)

2 person - RM550 each person

3 person - RM420 each person

4 person - RM360 each person

5 hours workshop inclusive of 30 min break + one 30 min follow up session (optional)

The Facilitator’s Role

The Game is moderated by an experienced Facilitator who acts as a guide and coach to bring participants closer to their objectives. Playing the Game requires a level of honesty and self-disclosure with the people you play with. The more authentically you share yourself, the more you get out of the Game. The Facilitator will always ask for a confidentiality agreement before starting any Game. The Facilitator holds a safe space to enable players to go deeper into themselves, and provides guidance and support as you process the issues and insights which arise for you on your life path.

Facilitator Profile: Chuah Ai Jou

A student of spirituality her entire life, Ai Jou enjoys delving into knowledge that helps one to discover, understand and integrate oneself on all levels; bringing about a resolution of peace, loving-kindness and freedom in the world. Through the years, Ai Jou has gotten in touch with spiritual practices that help to align one's body, mind and spirit such as mindfulness meditation, past life regression, non-violent communication, colour & art therapy and many more.

Ai Jou has played the Transformation Game since 2008 and witnessed, on countless occasions, how the Game guides players to face whatever is going on in their lives with full authenticity. Realising what a powerful tool it is to transform one’s life, she pursued the training and became a certified facilitator for the advanced Game in 2011. Since then, she has facilitated many Games which have ignited the self-awareness and creative potential of players, while also witnessing the invaluable and authentic exchanges among participants.

Ai Jou was previously a marketing and communications specialist in the corporate world and is currently a freelance writer and editor. She loves writing to inspire, and is the co-author of three mini publications printed for free distribution: Love Is All About You!, Mama Where Are You? and Grace and Gratitude.

Sometimes life is filled with blessings, insights, and a heartfelt sense of connection with people around us. Other times we stumble through a series of setbacks, accumulating pain, even falling into depression; and nothing we try seems to help us get out of it.
Sometimes someone unexpectedly appreciates us or offers to serve us - or we reach out to help another. Sometimes miracles happen, pain is lifted, new directions open up, and the seemingly impossible occurs.
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